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Alado Nautica USA


Alado Nautica USA - About our Company

Since 1990, Alado Nautica has been manufacturing reefing and roller furling systems for discriminating customers world wide. Our rugged, affordable, high quality systems are designed to meet the needs of the vast majority of sailboat owners. Though our systems have unique design features, such as double halyard sheaves to allow for fast sail change and downwind sailing with twin genoas, they are not designed to solely  meet the very expensive requirements only COMPETITION RACERS demand.

Alado Nautica USA Roller Furler and Reefing System
For the sailor who is looking to buy a reefing/roller furling system that is extremely easy to install (one man installation, no need to go aloft, no special tools required) easy to operate, easy to maintain (maintenance free), with the highest level of reliability (our quality is second to none) and the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE, Alado Nautica USA is your BEST choice! If you shop and compare other reefing and roller furling systems, you will see why our systems grace 20' to 70' cruising sailboats around the world. No other roller furling manufacturer offers you, so much quality and value for so little money. Also, read what we consider to be our product advantages over other systems. Give us a call (1-866-795-9293) or place your order online. Either way, you will be glad you did!
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