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Alado Nautica USA Reefing and Roller Furling System Design Criteria

Each Alado Nautica USA reefing and roller furling system is designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of engineering for off shore sailing.

Some of the outstanding features of Alado Nautica USA reefing and roller furling systems include:

 1) Open drum design for easy access to furling line.

 2) No swivels under tension to jam or fail.

 3) Specially designed dual interlocking 5' aluminum alloy foils form a true aerodynamic profile for optimum torsion strength and low wind resistance.

 4) Design exclusive polypropylene bushings provide ease of operation and protection from forestay galvanic corrosion.

 5) Self-containing double halyard sheaves allow for fast sail changing and downwind sailing with twin genoas.

 6) Designed to furl or reef up to two headsails.

 7) Easy one person installation, (requires no special rigging, swaging  or need to go aloft).

 8) Existing headsails can be used with the addition of luff tape and UV protective fabric along foot and leech.


10) Maintenance free.

Alado Nautica USA Roller Furling Closeup Drum

Additional reasons why Alado Nautica USA is your best reefing and furling system value