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Alado Nautica USA


Alado Nautica USA

PO Box 225
 Royal, AR 71968

Phone: Toll Free 1 866 795.9293


David Davenport, Alado Nautica USA, President

In 1999 I purchased a 1974 28í (Offshore) Cheoy Lee in need of complete restoration. Having much more time than disposable income for this project, I very carefully shopped the marketplace when it came to making any major equipment purchases. After spending two years and over $35,000.00, $10,000 more than my original budget on my Dream Boat, it came time to order a headsail reefing and roller furling system. I was appalled at the ridiculously high prices that were asked by the major well-known manufacturers.

Fortunately, almost by accident, I discovered Alado Nautica. The price for an Alado furling system to fit my boat was so unbelievably inexpensive by comparison, I had some doubts about its quality. After getting reassurances from the factory  I decided to order a system. Like advertised, the system arrived in exactly four days, via FEDEX. Upon opening it, I was amazed at how beautiful and well made it was. The foils shined like quick silver. All of the pieces fit together with machine shop precision. It was impressive.

After installing the system, which by the way, required no great intellect - it was extremely simple to do, I began putting it to the test. I soon found reefing or furling in 25 to 30 plus winds to be a piece of cake. The system exceeded my every expectation. So much so,  I negotiated the North American distribution rights. Thatís how impressed I am with Alado Nautica.

David Davenport

Alado Nautica USA, President


Alado Nautica USA Roller Furler and Reefing Systems - Cheoylee Sea Nymph