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Alado Nautica USA Roller Furling System Pricing Information



How and why you SAVE MONEY$$$$$$


Alado Nautica USA reefing and roller furling systems are manufactured to the highest engineering standards of quality in Brazil.

Brazil is one of the largest aluminum producing countries in the World.

Alado Nautica USA reefing and furling systems are sold ONLY factory direct.

This guarantees you pay the lowest possible price.

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY Alado Nautica USA is offering FREE!! FEDEX Delivery.

This saves you additional  $$$$. US and Canadian FEDEX delivery from our door to yours in four (4) working days.


Model Number Typical LOA Max Stay Diameter Max Stay Length List Price US$ Promo Special US$
A0 22' 1/8" 30' 850.00 780.00
A1 28' 3/16" 35' 1120.00 940.00
A2 32' 1/4" 40' 1290.00 1080.00
A3 36' 5/16" 50' 2100.00 1720.00
A4 40' 3/8" 55' 2400.00 2030.00
B1 40' 3/8" 55' 2940.00 2560.00
B2 50' 7/16" 65' 3200.00 2870.00
B3 60' 1/2" 75' 3430.00 3040.00
B4 70' 9/16" 85' 3700.00 3330.00

The PROMO SPECIAL prices currently include FREE DELIVERY to all of North America, South America, Central America, New Zealand, Australia and Japan. For delivery to Europe and other countries please email us for price quotation.

Selecting the correct model number for your application is determined by the maximum headstay diameter and maximum length of your headstay.

Please refer to the Components Roller Furling Sizes Specifications Chart to determine various sizes based upon model.

 Alado Nautica USA reefing and furling systems are designed to be installed above the existing forestay deck terminal.


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